It’s A Vegetarian Christmas!

I offered to cook Christmas (Eve) dinner for my family, with much apprehension from them all (“There’s a possibility of tofurkey?!”).  I know I know I know.  What is wrong with me?  How can you possibly be a VEGETARIAN on CHRISTMAS?  What about the HAM??  Ridiculous.

However, I just found that is quite simple and delicious to eat animal-friendly.  With a little help from epicurious, I managed to whip up a delightful menu that happens to be (mostly) healthy.  And my family is super excited to eat because of the fact that it looks and smells awesome.

What did I make?  Cranberry sauce from scratch, Two Potato Gratin, and a medley of vegetables with garlic and sage as an antipasto.  For the cranberry sauce, I actually used half cranberries and half currants because there was only one container of cranberries left at the grocery store, but it worked really well because they have similar textures and flavors (sour!).  For the potato nonsense, I substituted heavy cream for light cream, also because I couldn’t find it at the store (WTF Price Chopper?!  Stock your shelves, it’s Christmas!), and vegetable broth in place of chicken (duh).

Ok, my father cooked a ham as well, but I think we’re all pretty happy about not being subjected to the usual mashed potatoes from a box and whatever that jello-like substance is that comes from a can labeled “cranberry sauce.”   It’s a much happier holiday.


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