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Write To Yourself In The Future!

January 3, 2008

With FutureMe you can send yourself – or someone else – a letter years into the future!  Just make sure you send it to an email you plan to use for a long time.  Otherwise it’s kind of pointless.  I’ve already sent a bunch to myself reminding me of the things I want to accomplish.  A proverbial kick in the ass, if you will.


Breaking Up Had Never Been Easier

December 27, 2007

Thanks to you no longer have to put any real thought into the breakup conversation.  It’s as simple as checking the appropriate boxes and an email is generated and ready to be delivered.  There are even clever sign off lines such as “I hope maggots devour your testicles” and “I won’t miss your ugly face” to really go out with a bang.  So head on over, end things in the most painless way possible (for you anyway), and enjoy your new singleness.